Doula Training online 2021/2022

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The Perinatal Yoga & Yoga-Doula training is unique: It is a global, comprehensive and multi-disciplinary curriculum founded on the authentic perinatal teachings of Yogi Bhajan, master of Kundalini Yoga. It is taught by senior trainer Gurujagat Kaur and her team. The different theoretical and practical themes on pregnancy, birth and the postnatal period are taught in a dynamic and participatory pedagogy.

The teachings are based on the yogic and Ayurvedic tradition and are bridged with the contemporary work of F. Leboyer, M. Odent and Ina-May Gaskin.


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This website presents a yogic and holistic view on the process of becoming a mother and father.

The school offers training to become a Yoga-Doula and to accompany the woman and her family during the 18-month journey from conception until the 9th month of the baby’s life.

We invite you to consider the gestation, delivery and the postnatal period through the eyes of the yogic and Ayurvedic tradition: « The wisdom of life and well-being ».

This classical approach, millennial in its history, is surprisingly topical. It offers a global perspective on the interactions of body/mind/spirit, and practical tools for the welfare of the woman and her new born, the couple and the modern family.

Pregnancy, delivery and the 6 week postnatal period are not just a physical process. They engage the totality of the parent’s future life. Those three stages are sacred processes and initiations for the mother and the father.

Lived with consciousness, support and devotion, it is an intense time, which fosters a feeling of completeness, satisfaction and stability for the mother, father, the child and the couple.

Parents have an innate know-how, a wisdom that guides them in their maternal and paternal journey. The support which we offer is informative and allows parents to clarify their values, to connect to their desire, and to help them make choices according to their needs.

This socio-educational support can extend to other members of the mother’s family, upon request.

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The late 20th and early 21st century saw major changes in the way a woman gives birth.

In less than 90 years, the obstetric science progressed remarkably to prevent risks related to pregnancy and childbirth, and to propose solutions to certain pathologies of the parturient and her baby.

However, parallel to scientific progress, birth lost its intimate and sacred character in favor of an overly medicalized process.

Procedures for “painless delivery” have become the prevailing trend, with, amongst others, the frequent use of epidurals and “effortless delivery”. Caesarean section is commonly practiced for the “comfort” of the mother, without medical justification. Concurrently, other changes in maternity medical protocols became common, such as the reduction in the accepted time for dilation and increased injection of synthetic hormones, etc.

Consequently, the place and role of the midwife practicing in maternity is changing.

Managing multiple deliveries at the same time, the midwife is often less available and therefore cannot be present, in a continuous manner for the parturient.

The ancestral practice of intimate delivery at home, surrounded by wise women has given away to heavily medicated deliveries. The good intention of securing the mother and the baby and easing the delivery is met, yet, the unforeseen result is a high percentage of traumatic births.

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Facing the systematic hyper-medicalization of the child birthing process, what becomes of the delivering woman?

What happens to her place in the active process as giver of life?

What happens to her contact with her body, signal transmitter and guide?

What happens to her freedom and her right to listen and follow her physio-psychological needs during the delivery?

What happens to her capacity to tap into her own intuition and her unsuspected resources to cross the Ocean of Life?

What happens to Her need for a comforting presence and trust?

In many other fields, including sports, we seek thrilling challenges, which call on our capacity to overcome pain, tiredness and fear to go towards Excellence.

A coach assists athletes for this purpose.

Who supports Mothers?

The pioneers of the “respected obstetric”, Frédérique Leboyer, Michel Odent, Ina-May Gaskin, Naoli Vinanvar and others, encourage us to take into consideration that the “physiological” delivery, or the natural process of giving birth, should be respected. It is not “a mistake from nature” but an initiative event full of meaning, perfectly conceived for the capacity of the body/spirit of the mother and her baby.

Yoga-Doula and the contemporary obstetricians recognize that all parents benefit from being informed, prepared, supported and accompanied by a health professional. However, the parents are also benefitted by an attendant which will help them prepare and instill confidence and encouragement, so they can become active in their delivery.

We offer training for Yoga-Doulas in order to accompany the Be-coming of parents. We aim to offer the mother the needed environment and support to empower her birthing experience.