Birth Yoga-Doula

Yoga-Doula offers presence and empathy

During the birth, the Yoga-Doula offers empathy and non-medical support.

The KY Doula offers a constant presence during the birth process (home or maternity ward) for the mother and the father.

Her presence during birth is always complementary to a health professional.

According to the mother and partner’s request, she will offer practical help, breathing and focus practices, adapted postures and toning.

She will offer comfort and encouragement to the mother and father, and will accomplish other non-medical tasks according to needs and requests.

If needed, the Yoga-Doula will encourage the father’s presence by the mother, facilitate cooperation of the couple during birth.

The Yoga-Doula will be discreet to allow privacy and intimacy between partners during birth.



dessin d'une femme enceinte assistée par deux doulas

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