Definition of Yoga-Doula

The term Yoga-Doula refers to: A person who offers the expectant mother (and family) a non-medical accompaniment based on Yoga practice and Humanology (practical yogic lifestyle based on Ayurveda wisdom). This support covers pregnancy, birth and postnatal periods.

Through a holistic yoga approach and empathic communication skills, the Yoga-Doula can offer physical, emotional, spiritual and practical tools to uplift and empower mothers & fathers during these three stages of becoming parents.

The Yoga-Doula can offer support from conception to 9 months after birth.

This non-medical support is complementary to medical follow up and does not replace professional health care of mother and baby.

You do not practice yoga?

Yoga is a lifestyle which brings understanding and possible answers to daily questions which arise on our journey to becoming parents.

Yoga provides tools you can use for your holistic wellness and convenience, without having to become a “yogi” or to follow the entire path of yoga.

Remember this: If your presence cannot command respect, your orders won’t.– © The Teachings of Yogi Bhajan, July 22, 1996