Become a Perinatal Yoga Teacher & Yoga-Doula® :

Perinatal Yoga refers to pre and postnatal yoga classes. The perinatal Yoga teacher & Yoga-Doula training is composed of 21 days of training + 200 hours of home study and practice.

In The Perinatal & Yoga-Doula training you will learn how the ancestral knowledge of yoga and Ayurvedic life style answer the needs of modern women in their journey of becoming mothers.

You will train to offer pre and postnatal yoga classes (perinatal=around birth); You will train to become a Yoga-Doula, equipped to offer non-medical support for mothers throughout pregnancy, birth and during the postnatal months.

What is a Yoga-Doula?

Yoga-Doula refers to A person who offers the expectant mother (and family) a non-medical accompaniment based on Yoga practice & Humanology (practical yogic lifestyle and wellness).

This support covers pregnancy, birth and postnatal periods.

Through global yoga approach and empathic communication skills, the trained Yoga-Doula can offer physical, emotional, spiritual, and practical tools to uplift and empower mothers & fathers during these three stages of Be-coming parents.

The Yoga-Doula is trained to support mother/partner/family from conception to the 9 month period after birth.

This non-medical support is complementary to professional medical follow-up and doesn’t replace it.

The Yoga-Doula is trained to:

  • Offer prenatal group and individual yoga classes
  • Offer prenatal class for couples
  • Support the mother along pregnancy’s transformations
  • Accompany the couple’s transformation from lovers to parents
  • Prepare the couple for birth, support the father
  • Offer empathic presence and comfort the mother/father throughout birth
  • “Mother the mother” during the delicate 40 postnatal days
  • Offer postnatal yoga and other support groups for mother and baby.
Every woman is a mother, even if her body has not given birth
Yogi Bhajan


  • women wanting to explore their feminine & mothering story and potential
  • women or men dedicated to supporting mothers and fathers-to-be.
  • Pregnant women/couples with or without their partner may participate “à la carte”

You can join the training for:

  • Your personal development, to explore your feminine and mothering nature.
  • To become a prenatal yoga teacher- Pregnancy Yoga-Doula
  • To become Birth Yoga-Doula
  • To become a Postnatal Yoga-Doula


  • Comfort and care for mother’s body/mind through yoga postures & breath work, relaxation, meditation, visualization, vocalizing and more.
  • Transformation during the 3 trimesters of pregnancy
  • Celebrating the 120th day of pregnancy
  • Understanding a mother’s mental wellness and its impact on the baby
  • Evolution of the individual/couple’s relationship during pregnancy.
  • The masculine journey from boy to man, from lover to father.
  • Adjusting to a new role
  • The feminine journey from girl to woman to motherhood
  • Connecting to feelings, needs and nurturing
  • Body care and wellness
  • Adapted Nutrition through pregnancy, postnatal and breastfeeding
  • Birth as a sacred process: preparation, environment and phases
  • Physiological birth/Pathological birth
  • Basic massage to relieve and support during pregnancy, birth, postnatal
  • Anatomy, physiology, pathology during pregnancy & birth
  • Postnatal “40 days” period: changing needs of the mother, newborn, father and siblings
  • Mother-baby bonding as a foundation for security
  • The art of Mothering the mother
  • Breastfeeding support and care
  • Weaning and first steps towards the baby’s healthy and balanced diet
  • The mother-baby massage
  • Basic recipes, plants and natural preparation for mothers wellness
  • Holding space for mourning (basis elements)
  • Yoga-Doula history, role, and 1001 ways of offering support
  • Deontology, code of ethics, legal status, network work, boundaries
  • Bridging yogic wisdom for mothers to contemporary approaches, such as the work of Dr Leboyer, Dr M. Odent, midwife Ina-May Gaskin, Naoli Vinaver, and others
  • educational films and documentary


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