Gurujagat Kaur

Founder of the “Kundalini Yoga Doula School”, Gurujagat Kaur studied Kundalini yoga and KY maternity wisdom with Yogi Bhajan since 1975 in Amsterdam and the USA.

A mother of 4, she is dedicated to supporting and serving women on the sacred path of becoming a mother. She teaches, prepares and accompanies mothers and couples on the path of mindful pregnancy, fostering empowered birth alongside calm postnatal time.

Bridging eastern and western wisdom traditions, Gurujagat Kaur synthesizes a curriculum that is adapted to modern women. She trains Yoga-Doulas to offer non-medical support to mothers-to-be, through the practice of Yoga, applied Ayurveda & dynamic educational material.

Trained in NLP and systemic family therapy, GJK works as a counselor for individuals, couples and families.

Gurujagat Kaur is co-founder of the “Postnatal Support Network”, a UK registered Charity, created to promote the importance of postnatal rest and bonding time for mothers and newborns.

Guru Karm Kaur (M. Borras-Boneu) MD, PhD.

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As a Kundalini Yoga teacher and Gynecologist, Doctor Ma Gloria Borras-Boneu has researched Gynecological Cancer Immunology, Women’s Health and Chronic illnesses both at Harvard and in Barcelona.

With the support of Yogi Bhajan, the Master of Kundalini Yoga, she founded “GRD Medical Health Institute” in Barcelona. GRD unifies traditional medicine and the meditative approach to healthcare.

In recent years, Dr. Boneu began collaboration with the school of “Conscious Pregnancy & Yoga Doula”, teaching anatomy, physiology and pregnancy pathologies.

She also collaborates with the foundation called “Women of Light” (Mujer de Luz).

Dr. Boneu is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee of Alzheimer research and Prevention Foundation, chaired by Dr. Dharma Singh and the International team of the GRD Center for Medicine and Humanology, directed by Dr. Shanti Shanti Kaur in the United States.

She works in the ‘Clinica Corachan’ in Barcelona and is part of the administrative council of the Natural Medicine Section in the Medical College in Barcelona.

Amrit Kaur

Comédienne de formation, elle rencontre le Kundalini Yoga en 1989 lors d’un voyage à l’Ashram de Los-Angeles et reçoit dans la continuité les enseignements pour la femme dispensés par Yogi Bhajan à Espagnola.

De retour en France, elle devient maman de sa première fille et peut aussitôt mettre en pratique ce qu’elle a reçu. La rencontre avec Gurujagat Kaur guide ses pas vers une parentalité respectueuse.

Elle suit la formation d’enseignant de Kundalini avec Karta Singh parallèlement à son métier d’actrice qu’elle exercera durant 20 ans, Amrit kaur pratique l’aïkido depuis 12 ans

Aujourd’hui, elle est co-fondatrice du Réseau Né-Sens, a créé l’association Art de Naître,  accompagne en tant que yoga-doula des familles sur le chemin de l’enfantement et du devenir parent, enseignante de yoga périnatal et de Shakti dance à Paris, mère de 4 enfants et heureuse grand-mère une fois J

Har Atma Kaur

Mère et enseignante de Yoga Kundalini à Paris, a plongé dans les trésors du Yoga Kundalini en 2007. Depuis plus de 10 ans donc, elle se forme continuellement auprès de grands/es enseignant/es pour pouvoir à son tour transmettre les miles et uns bienfaits de cette tradition. Spécialisée en Yoga Périnatal auprès de Gurujagat Kaur, c’est un honneur pour elle de servir le bien-être des mères et de leurs enfants et ainsi élever l’humanité.

Co-fondatrice du Réseau Né-Sens, elle est aussi formatrice de la méthode Ballon Forme Couple, formée à la Communication Non-Violente et a ouvert le premier centre de Yoga Kundalini à Paris : InterConnections. Au-delà des activités et cours hebdomadaires, elle organise fréquemment des formations et événements à Paris et en France.

Pour plus d’informations : www.interconnections.fr

Sat Sansar Kaur

Co-founder of Yoganet. Teacher of Kundalini Yoga specialized in Yoga for Conscious Pregnancy and Yoga-Doula.

Kundalini Yoga teacher since 2008, I recieved the Yoga-Doula teachings from Gurujagat Kaur in 2012. Since then I have been teaching regular Prenatal Yoga, Mom and Baby Yoga classes and supporting women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum.

Even though I am not a mother, I feel the loving, caring and serving energy of the mother  flowing through me and I share it on my classes, on the trainings and serving all the mothers that reach me.

I love participating on the Yoga-Doula trainings as an organizer and as a teacher because it allows me to keep learning and growing.  It is also wonderful to be a witness of the amazing transformation of the students during the training as well as the way this beautiful teachings reach the heart of every student, allowing them to show how beautiful, strong, wise and empowered they are and how can they bring a little more of light to the planet through their job as Yoga-Doulas.

Siri Amrit Khalsa

Born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on the 8th of November 1979.

I grew up between Amsterdam, the Alps in the South of France and India. Amsterdam has been a constant in my life and I currently reside here.

My studies in Cultural Anthropology and my love of travel brought me to Mexico where I met the love of my life in 2001.

As I come from a multicultural background, I grew up speaking English (my father is Canadian), Dutch, French and understanding a little Hebrew. As a young adult I also learnt how to speak Spanish (fluently) and German (quite well).

I have three children – the lights of my life and my greatest teachers! Two boys (2006 and 2011) and a girl (2015). They are also trilingual – English, Spanish and Dutch.

In 2008 I embarked on my journey to become a doula with the Opleiding tot Doula in Utrecht.

I have had the pleasure of deepening my doula skills inspiring women such as: Midwife, JJ Doula Training, TCM practitioner Jacky Bloemraad- de Boer, Ina-May Gaskin (Pioneer midwife and author), Debra Pascali-Bonaro (Doula trainer, Film-maker Orgasmic Birth) and Barbara Harper (Water Birth International).

In 2011 I had the honour of following the Yoga-Doula training with my wise mother Gurujagat Kaur Ronen and certified as a Kundalini Yoga Pregnancy and Post-Partum teacher.

In 2012 I found my joy with Dancing for Birth from founder Stephanie Larson and became a Certified Instructor. In 2013 I became a trainer able to teach the benefits and joy of dance to others wishing to integrate these beautiful tools into their work.

In 2016, I am crystalizing all this wisdom and passion for movement, dance, voice and song into a new inspiring training. I hope to inspire others to bring these elements into their work with pregnancy and birth and to spread the joy!

Pour plus d’informations : www.empoweringbirth.nl/

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