Postnatal Yoga-Doula

Serving as a Yoga-Doula during the postnatal period:

The postnatal Yoga-Doula is dedicated to the support and non-medical care of the mother and her environment during the intense and delicate six week period following delivery.

This 6 week Rest & Bonding period is essential for a woman’s physical and emotional recovery after giving birth.

Early mother/child bonding processes, success with breastfeeding, harmonizing the couple’s relationship and the relationship with siblings – all greatly depends on how well the new mother is cared for.

“Mothering the mother” is an art that we learn during the YOGA DOULA training.

Postnatal Yoga Doula may offer a service and accompaniment to the mother and the family during the full 40 days after birth or coordinate a social network of postnatal support, constituted of family members and friends offering part-time help to support the new family.

For example: organizing a meal train prepared by the family’s friends on rotation, organizing support for chores, housekeeping, bringing children to school, organizing a presence by the mother and the new-born, offering a wellness massage, helping with breastfeeding, etc.

More informations on the postnatal network page.

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