Postnatal Yoga

Why practice postnatal yoga?

Postnatal yoga is practiced after the “40 days period”, approximately 7 weeks, after giving birth when uterine bleeding and all possible birth pains (perineum, caesarean pain) have disappeared.

Bringing her new-born to the yoga class, the course is, in essence, about Mother and Baby.

Postnatal yoga starts progressively for the mother, sometimes practicing with her baby. Stretching, flexing the spine, lateral stretches, working with the neck, head, arms, shoulders, perineum, breath and relaxation.

Very gently over 4-5 mothers the mother strengthens her body, week by week, before starting work on her abdominals.

This Mother-Baby course is an opportunity to share. It is a meeting place for new mothers. In this friendly and caring environment, women gather and share the daily challenges of motherhood: breastfeeding, weaning, sleep, teething, sibling relationships, and their relationship to their partner.

The social aim of Post-natal yoga strengthens solidarity in class and out with stroller walks together in the park.

The Yoga-Doula can offer postnatal classes for Mother-Baby, and she can organize social meet-ups for new parents to create a network of support.

Every child is all of tomorrow. Every child is the future. Children are given as gifts to grow under your protection to become the pure people of God. They are not your pets, nor your property, nor your possessions. They are your opportunity to establish a relationship with God; if not through you then it is through your divine child.– Yogi Bhajan, Seminar for Women, New Mexico 1977 page 282