Just wanted to share my experience with the Postnatal Support Network after the birth (emergency c-section) of our second son Berend on April 24.One of the things I missed in the whirlwind time after the birth of our first son (also an emergency c-section), was being able to receive emotional and practical support without having to ask people for each specific task. Hindsight I should have asked for more help as asking for help isn’t something I do easily.

So for a period of time Emilie volunteered to help our family twice a week in so many ways, after the kraamzorg left and my husband had to go back to work. Besides being there and lending an ear, cooking meals and doing some light housework, she spent a lot of time caring for my 3 year old son (who grew very fond of her).

I feel so grateful having heard of the Postnatal Support Network and feeling so fortunate women out there volunteer to support other women and their families. THANK YOU!

Mrs Zwaalie

I received a huge amount of useful information that will help me to support women and their pregnancy. I was really touched by the loving atmosphere, the way how women mother each other. It is something I definitely am going to use in my everyday life. I feel very much inspired by the knowledge of Gurujagat and her way of teaching. It would be a honor to share the teachings with as many woman as possible. Thank You!

Hari P

I received what I was looking for, the shift in my mindset from being afraid of giving birth to longing to experience it. I had been waiting for this training for almost 2 years and I am extremely grateful for what I received. I feel so inspired to share the knowledge with women who are open to listen. You are the most inspiring and lovely woman I have had a chance to meet.

Thank You

A. (Estonia)

I received a lot of information and encouragements (which I want to share with other people, woman and men) that will help me to support the womanhood and balance the feminine-side of the society.

R.L Rotterdam,NL

This training has helped me to understand some inner processes and heal. I will use it first of all to support my friends and further my community.

T.G Finland
Feel the light. Be the light. Spread the light !– Yogi Bhajan